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We champion the call to move humankind forward, partnering with the ambitious to envision and build new growth platforms: brands, products, services, and experiences.

Working together across a global network of creative studios, research labs, and engineering centres, our diverse expert teams create breakthrough solutions to our clients’ most challenging opportunities.

We combine insight and imagination with the ability to build and implement; pushing beyond traditional boundaries and open new frontiers for how people thrive and organisations grow.

Make the leap, take the lead

The pace of evolving consumer demands, emerging technologies, and climate change means your business needs to think differently and innovate at speed to find new growth paths. We help create connected, seamless, personalised, and sustainable experiences to deliver future business value.

Our work

With a history of innovation spanning decades, we are proud to partner with world leading brands to deliver award-winning, category defining, and sometimes life-changing innovations. Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and span consumer, medical, and industrial sectors. 

Our expertise

Our design, engineering, and science teams combine advanced thinking and creativity with a global capability to build and implement solutions, drawing on an exceptional network of creative studios, research labs, and engineering centres.

A global community

Inspired design, engineering, and science are at the heart of our business. With 80 years of heritage, encompassing world-firsts, iconic products, and game-changing solutions, our teams have shaped the world of today and are creating the world of tomorrow.

Over the last few years, we've welcomed award-winning, globally recognised teams to expand our capabilities. Most recently, Design Partners, blending award-winning strategic consulting and product design for a full suite offering. Before that Astro Studios, creating multi-dimensional brands and consumer products, Cooper Perkins, converting inventive ideas into innovative products through engineering, Essential Design, applying strategy, design and engineering to solve challenging problems across industries, and Sparkler, revealing market-leading understanding of how consumers think and behave in the digital world.

Wherever you go, you’ll meet people passionate about building a positive human future.

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