The evolution of the agile organisation

Old dogs. Ingenious new tricks.

Across industries, organisations are facing continued disruption. Changing expectations from all sides – consumers, employees, and even shareholders – are driving change at incredible speed, and organisations must respond at pace. 

We believe it’s vital that organisations adapt to survive these uncertain times – ultimately winning today, and tomorrow. Organisational agility is a culture, a mindset, and an operating model – an entirely different way of running your business.

72% of leaders believe an organisation’s ability to respond rapidly to change is the difference between success and failure
The top 10% of financial performers are 30% more likely to display agile characteristics

Building the organisation of the future

Organisational agility enables organisations to act fast, improve the experience of their customers and their people, and deliver market-leading results. But where to start?

Our two reports reveal the five dimensions of organisational agility, and the secrets to delivering them at scale.

Why old dogs need to learn ingenious new tricks

Based on a survey of 500 leaders, this report makes the case for adopting enterprise-wide agility, showcasing the link between agile tendencies and overall performance.

How leaders of the pack make agility stick

The second report in this series lifts the lid on what it takes to truly achieve organisational agility, revealing how leaders can make it a reality.

Making organisational agility a reality

How we can help

Organisational agility is all about extending the principle of Agile across your entire organisation to drive better all-round performance, and deliver competitive advantage.

It’s an entirely different way of running your business – and this level of organisational change calls for the right approach. Our teams of experts work with you to understand the big questions around such a transformative change. 

We work closely alongside your teams to embed our approach to organisational agility, which we’ve proven at over 100 global organisations. It covers all the aspects necessary to success, including leadership, culture, HR, sourcing, operating model design, and strategy.

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