Natural gas and power 

Energy policy and regulation, emerging technologies, market structures, and Net Zero objectives are disrupting the energy system. 

And the natural gas sector is benefitting from technological advances and sustained low natural gas prices while facing never before seen pressures from clean energy policy advancements and climate change concerns.

We help utilities, energy companies, investors, and policy makers navigate this uncertainty and transition to the new energy economy.

Working together

Our teams take a results-orientated, collaborative approach and base our advice on research and analytics of natural gas markets, utilities, and transportation that we’re constantly updating. 

Through this, we'll provide insight into the impact of alternative energy, how you can improve energy efficiency and demand-side management, and the risks and opportunities of switching from gas to electricity to meet environmental, social, and corporate governance goals.

At a time when policy and technological change are profoundly altering the energy mix, we'll help you understand how this affects investments and confidently make long-term decisions.

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Navigating a changing market

We can help you understand the impacts of clean energy transformation, energy efficiency and demand-side management measures on the market, and how to manage the switch between natural gas and electricity to reduce the economic effects on your business.

Managing uncertainty

We help ensure your strategic direction, investment, and policy and regulatory decisions align to sustainability goals, such as advising on what levels of natural gas infrastructure, supply and demand you’ll likely need to maintain while countries and regions pivot to a clean-energy economy, and how to manage that transition over time.

Meeting your goals

We assist institutional investors with infrastructure purchases that will reduce risk and produce a long-term positive cash flow. We also advise boards on how natural gas fits in with the strategic goal of moving to clean energy.

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