Transport mode resilience

Four routes to gaining the always-on advantage

Whichever mode of transport you work in – be it aviation, rail, road, or logistics – the aim is to keep things ever-moving. And in an uncertain world, that has also become the resilience challenge: to move from a sporadic, ad-hoc response to a switched-on, fluid capability that can respond to whatever the disruption of the moment is.

As we explored in our first research report on transport resilience, The always-on advantage, transport leaders recognise this changing imperative. Now, our new report dives into the research findings across each transport mode. In doing so, we find four different routes to achieving always-on resilience.

Navigating resilience by mode

While transport leaders excel at responding to small-scale operational issues, the last few years have brought a series of connected, transformative issues – from shifting passenger behaviour to economic uncertainty, and growing sustainability demands to global unrest.

Our research of 360 transport leaders across Europe found that:

is the mode most likely to say that the importance placed on resilience has waned since the COVID-19 pandemic, and is the most likely mode to view resilience as a challenge rather than an opportunity
is the mode most likely to recognise that not being resilient costs more in the long term, yet also the most likely to believe that the worst disruption has already happened
has seen the largest uptick in its rating of organisational resilience over the past two to three years, yet is still the most likely mode to cite a lack of relevant skills or knowledge around resilience
is the mode most likely to see resilience as an opportunity, and is the least dependent mode on disruption as an accelerator of resilience.

How we can help

Our teams provide leaders and their organisations with confidence that their decisions and plans are strengthened; their teams aligned; and that they’re ready to deal with strategic risks, and readiness and resilience challenges, while seeking and seizing new opportunities. To uplift resilience across organisations, we:

  • Develop a resilient mindset within your people and culture
  • Build a resilience muscle across processes and operations
  • Strengthen the resilience of your supply chain and wider ecosystem.

Our proven approach combines wargaming with analytics, systems thinking, scenario planning, contingency planning methods, and business and people psychology.

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